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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Day Twenty-Six

This is a key chain light I bought for my husband on a trip. He loves cows, so it was a perfect choice. The funny thing about this picture is I was in school this day so I asked hubby to snap some pics while I was gone. This is what he chose to take a picture of. Not of him and our son playing Star Wars, not of him and our son making dinner for themselves, oh no, he had to snap a pic of the silly cow key chain. I love that man. :)



Ellay said...

How funny!! Who knows what goes through their minds? LOL

Cindy said...

Men do not think the same way we do, but we love them anyway.

domad said...

what a crazy pic ;)

Anonymous said...

I for one think it is a very artsy picture your so lucky to have a man that is so creative!!!!!!!!!