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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Day Eighteen

Let me set this scene for you. I am sitting innocently on the edge of my bed working on my computer and my husband and son walk in. Husband says "Look Joker and Mr. Freeze stole the Bat Mobile and ran over Batman and Mommy didn't do anything to stop it." I turn around to see this, and lots and lots of giggling ensues. LOL Before my two boys I could have cared less about any super heroes, now I can't imagine my life without them.



domad said...

loool this is soooo great!!

JanMary said...


Great shot :)

KayJay said...

At the moment the heros here are Thomas the tank engine and Bob the builder, but I see batman on the horizon for sure!
Great photo, although I thought it was the vacuum cleaner all dressed up to start with!

Erika said...

Lol, so cute! Great picture too!

bentonflocke said...

LOL great shot and journaling around it

Chreamps said...

Funny the things in life with kids isn't it - so much fun! Great pic and journaling!